Van Ede & Partners organizational structure is that of an inverted pyramid. Our clients and coaches are positioned right at the center and are supported by the organization; this ultimately always benefits our clients. Van Ede & Partners operates from a position of unity. For instance, we charge a standard rate for all of our coaches. Our organization consists of our Directors and the Van Ede & Partners Foundation. The foundation serves as our organization’s board and controls all shares of the Van Ede Groep BV.

Van Ede Foundation

  • mr. M.C.P. (Margreet) van Dongen
  • mr. ing. J. (Jan) Brinkman


The results of our methods are proven

We operate with a clear vision in which our clients’ strengths are key. This leads to the fastest and best results, every single time. If someone knows what they want and are capable of, then taking part in our outplacement program or career counseling; it is just a matter of time before they find the right direction.

Through our approach, you as a client will utilize your strengths to create a unique, personal value proposition. You can test and utilize this proposition within Van Ede & Partners’ comprehensive network. As much as 70 to 75% of our clients find thanks to networking anew job!

While implementing our approach, we work in a systematic fashion using a project management-based approach, following clear timeframes and budgets, and agreements regarding the desired results. With this approach our clients are assured of coming to an optimal, sustainable solution.

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