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Frans worked as change manager at the Province of Friesland on a reorganization and subsequently was made redundant himself. Thanks to Van Ede & Partners he discovered the possibilities out there and what he really wanted.
  • Name

    Frans Drent

  • Challenge

    Having been made redundant, I wanted to re-examine what I was looking for in my next role. In addition, I wanted to learn how to approach the market with a distinctive profile.

  • Previous position

    Head of Information Management at the province of Friesland

  • New position

    Team leader Information at the municipality De Fryske Marren

  • Coach

    Cees Harmsen

As a change manager working for my province, I was involved with a corporate reorganization, in which three departments were merged into one that would revolve around information management. Partly based on my advice, the province decided at the time to recruit an outside manager to head up the new department, who had to oversee the organizational changes this brought about. I was supposed to end up in a flex pool, where as change manager I would oversee several projects within the province. In addition, I was offered career counselling. Unfortunately, from 2014 onwards there was no more room within the flex pool. This meant I had to seek other opportunities outside  the province, which turned my career councelling effectively in an outplacement program.      


What I liked about Van Ede & Partners was the design of the process and the alternation between individual coaching and workshops. During that time, I was primarily occupied with issues many people are dealing with: what are my capabilities, what do I want, what drives me? But some doubt started to creep in as well: being in my fifties, would I still be able to find an interesting work environment in the country’s northern provinces? Through Van Ede & Partners you meet people who are finding themselves in a similar position. Together, you are sharing your experiences and feelings and keep each other sharp in getting to a new destination. 

There is a certain logic to the program which appealed to me. In the last phase I briefly took part in the campaign group. In addition to understanding my qualities we then especially discussed how I come across to other people. I am an assertive person and sometimes strike others as quite firm. That is my strength as a change manager, but it can also deter others, which means I accomplish less than would have been possible otherwise. Therefore, the challenge was to strike the right balance between my assertive image and my relational qualities. 

At Van Ede & Partners I have seen what I can do, learned who I am and have been confronted with how I come across. Besides that, I always kept faith in a good outcome thanks to their positive approach. Even when things did not go my way during my networking sessions, they helped me to pick myself up and to give it my all.

Things are going great at the moment. As of January 1, I manage three departments which have to run more efficiently. This job was made for me. In addition, I look at it as a good challenge to further enhance my coaching skills and guide people to a new way of working throughout this process.

Cees about Frans

Frans is a highly driven man and an incredible go-getter. He was constantly seeking opportunities during the time I was his coach. During this, Frans was regularly confronted with last-minute cancellations, agreements that were not fulfilled and roles for which he was ultimately not considered. This touched me. What I admire in Frans is his ability to just keep going at it time after time and to never give up.
Cees Harmsen
We talked a lot about how he came across to others: his decisiveness and persistence, which made him occasionally hard to approach and did not leave the best first impression. In addition, at a later phase we started practicing his “pitch,” practiced job interviews and prepared him for difficult conversations. This has helped him to put a spotlight on his many talents.
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