coaching You have got a challenging job at an organization which is going places. The demands placed on you are not only high, but they also change all the time. A lot is expected of you: offering inspirational leadership, gaining commitment from colleagues, communicating clearly, strategic ingenuity. Through our coaching programs we offer you targeted support in your professional and personal development. During a defined period, you work together with us answering your coaching questions.

Young professional coaching

The young professional in you wants to keep developing, meanwhile you have to get used to a new setting: your work environment. When you were studying you got to pick your friends; now you have little say in who you might be working with. How do you deal with all the different characters, you will need to interact with on a daily basis? And then there is the fact: your job is never finished – there are always colleagues who are more than happy to approach a smart, ambitious young professional such as yourself.

How do you deal with this, while ensuring that your job does not become a burden? Young Professional Coaching teaches you how to best manage these kinds of challenges. Due to this you will be able to focus on what really matters: a meaningful career.    

Professional coaching

You are a respected professional. But even you must keep developing yourself as your organization demands the best of the best. Because of this, you want to be able to effectively present yourself to directors, employees and your direct colleagues. You want to utilize your leadership skills more effectively.

At Professional Coaching we take a highly targeted approach. In partnership with you, we determine what will be your coach’s points of focus. We always intertwine the coaching process with real-world professional experiences and with your personal profile: your core qualities, knowledge, skills and personal characteristics. In this way we systematically work on your personal and professional development, including comprehensive homework assignments.        

Executive professional coaching

You are a Director or a Manager of a large business unit. Needless to say, this requires a lot of you. As an “Executive Professional” you have to develop a vision, provide direction and determine a plan. You must be knowledgeable. But at the same time, you cannot ignore the human side of things: you must motivate and enthuse people and instigate change when necessary. You must be in control and inspire confidence.

You can only deal with these challenges when you are fit, competent and focused. You must have full awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, enjoy your work and love what you do, because you know what you are working for.

With our executive professional coaching we help clients view their responsibilities in an efficient and effective manner. In doing so, we can determine: what drives you, what gives you energy? Then, together with a coach with experience in a similar role to yours, you get to work. You will then work on exactly the things you find important.

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