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Loopbaanbegeleiding Does your employer wonder from time to time if you are still in the right role? Do you sometimes feel that your professional talents and qualities are not fully utilized? Are you after years of hard work in a management position ready for some reflection? Do you increasingly start to wonder: what I am doing, am doing well, and am I still doing the things I should be doing? Our career counseling / career coaching programs offer the solution!

Young Career

As a young professional you are dealing with specific career issues. After a few years of professional experience, you might find yourself increasingly pondering your next career move. You already learned so many things, but now what? Upon graduating you chose a career path that made sense. But is this path still the right one for you? Is  something still missing  or are you looking for more?

In order to answer these questions, it helps to gain an understanding of your “Personal Brand”:  which of your unique  set of talents, drivers, ambition, knowledge and experience are adding value and making an impact? And not to mention, how do you showcase these in the labor market?

We support you with a mix of one-on-one conversations and challenging workshops. Through this,  as a young professional you will learn to stay in charge of your career. You will understand where you want to go and how to get there.     

Talent in Beeld

As an organization, would you like to know how to optimize  your most talented employees? In the training course, of only a few sessions, the program Talent in the Picture® shows you an individual’s greatest qualities and added value. Talent in the Picture is a tailormade, “in-house” program for your organization and answers both your and your employees’ specific questions.

With Talent in the Picture you get to understand how talented employees can be fully utilized in your organization. With this, you increase the chances that these employees will remain loyal to the organization for the long term, while keeping them working on the right things.

Persoonlijke Balans

Hebt u het gevoel ‘klaar’ te zijn met uw huidige baan? Haalt u er niet meer de inspiratie en energie uit waar dat eerder wel het geval was? Hebt u het gevoel dat u vastzit, dat er iets moet veranderen, maar weet u niet goed wat? Persoonlijke Balans® zorgt voor een heldere blik op uw carrière. Na afloop van dit programma heeft u weer een frisse blik op uzelf en op uw loopbaanmogelijkheden.

Tijdens dit programma onderzoekt u samen met ons waar u staat in uw persoonlijke en professionele ontwikkeling en welke keuzes u kunt maken voor het verdere verloop van uw carrière. U bekijkt ook wat uw positie in uw huidige werkkring is en hoe u hier het beste aan kunt bijdragen; werk en privé zijn hierbij in evenwicht. Persoonlijke Balans is het programma voor loopbaanbegeleiding dat u concrete handvatten geeft om uw inzetbaarheid te vergroten en om meer vreugde en voldoening uit uw werk te halen.

Eigen Profiel

Would you like to gain a better insight of your own talents, qualities, ambitions and employability? Would you like to understand how these translate to your value proposition in the labor market? Our program “Personal Profile” gives you this understanding. Through introspection you get to map out your strengths, weaknesses and your (sometimes underutilized) opportunities. This results in a clear picture of your value proposition to the labor market. 

Keuzes in loopbaan

This career counseling program is a follow-up to the program “Personal Profile.” Based on your value proposition to the labor market; we explore viable career options in partnership with you. A part of this is gaining valuable contacts in the labor market in which Van Ede & Partners’ network can assist you.

Coaching in netwerken

This program is a follow-up to the “Personal Profile” and “Career Choices” programs. Network Coaching focusses on how to gain new contacts and establish your own network through intense, personal coaching.

We offer career counseling at our offices in Amsterdam, Zwolle, Groningen, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Den Haag, Arnhem, Breda, Zeist, Enschede of Maastricht. From our branches we also cover the regions of Utrecht, Nijmegen, Almere and Tilburg.

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