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Van Ede & Partners has its own unique vision on personal development and talent. In our company logo this is represented by a boy flying on a goose. The boy is Nils Holgersson, the protagonist from the famous book by Selma Lagerlöf. In this book, Nils makes a wonderful journey through Sweden on the back of a goose. Nils serves as an example for people who try to break free of their habits and thought patterns - especially regarding thought patterns concerning himself, in which he is inclined to perceive himself as small. During his journey Nils becomes acquainted with a much larger world. It is while having this contact with the world that he eventually discovers his own true size. This symbolism signifies the development our clients experience at Van Ede & Partners.

Five starting points

Every person is unique and talented
Everyone has something special about them. Your own qualities, which ensure you stand out and which shape your identity.

Becoming aware about one’s uniqueness and talents bring strength
When you learn to recognize this, acknowledge it and act accordingly, you will be more comfortable with yourself. And once you feel good? Then you will act from a stronger position in life, which is something you can benefit from on a daily basis.

By doing business using your talents you can become the master of your fate
When you take your own talents as a starting point and utilize them correctly, opportunities arise. By utilizing these opportunities, you will end up in a spot where you can offer value.

We find ourselves in this world and through other people
By approaching the world openly and connecting with others, for instance through group discussions, you get to know yourself better. It is exactly the viewpoint from other people which offers a refreshing look at yourself and your talents.

The universe is friendly
Are you able to act on what you find important and what is the most valuable to you? This is something that often brings out the best in you and your environment, which creates new opportunities, opportunities which you can seize.

Meeting place

Our way of thinking displays itself in the way our coaches operate and in the type of clients we coach – with proven success. You can also find this in our offices, which aim to serve as a “second home” for everyone. Our offices offer a calm environment to reflect, but also offer the required energy to move forward. Our offices make for inspirational meetings. Our clients get to meet passionate people filled with knowledge and talents and access to interesting networks. This serves as an ideal trigger to look at life with fresh, wide open eyes once again!

Would you like to know more about our way of thinking, or do you have any career related questions about outplacement, career counseling and transition allowance, then please contact us.

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