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Van Ede & Partners has an extensive network and  access to a strong community Our coaches and psychologists have contacts in all relevant industries. In addition, our alumni and Outer Circle ensure with their networks that as a client you can test and utilize your “personal value proposition” almost anywhere.   

The power of networking

Networks are a crucial part of our approach. Networking is a crucial part of our approach. Van Ede & Partners always puts your inner-strength front and center. Using this inner-strength as a starting point, you can begin defining your personal value proposition. Of course, this value proposition needs to be tested. The best way to do this is through powerful and relevant networks – networks which Van Ede & Partners connects you with. Only through connecting with other people it becomes clear to which extent your value proposition is aligned with industry needs. Meeting top-level people from the industry can give you an energy boost, as it can confirm you are on the right track. Although sometimes, such meetings may also be reasons to reevaluate what you have to offer.       


Van Ede & Partners maintains a close relationship with many former clients. These alumni often find themselves in key roles for-profit companies, non-profits and the government. These people gladly help others, just as they received support and guidance from somebody else at a certain point too. To encourage mutual support, Van Ede & Partners often organize alumni meetups.

Outer Circle

The Outer Circle also plays an important role. This involves a select group of people with well-established social and business positions who are open to working with clients. These people, often have unique knowledge and experience, are committed to offer you as a client further development in specific professional areas.

Would you like to know more about networking, or do you have any career related questions about outplacement, career counseling and transition allowance, then please contact us.

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