J.W. (Pim) Visser

I have more than 25 years of educational experience as a teacher, team leader, sector director and deputy director. In addition, since 2005 I am a trainer and coach in various industries. In 2012 I wrote a book about dialogue and the art of asking questions.
Pim Visser

I am interested in people and their motivators. What are the underlying patterns and behavioral convictions? I ask many questions: new, pointed and intriguing questions which make people think and which can be utilized to discover your passion and talents. I believe that people carry the answers to these questions within them, but I know it can be hard to listen to this inner-voice. “The soul is shy” and that is why it is important for clients to feel accepted, appreciated and safe so they can hear that inner-voice and just be themselves. Within that atmosphere I embark on a path with people while communicating with both depth and a sense of humor. Together we will take a beautiful journey where your development and goals as a client will be front and center. The core of this journey is the contact between you and I in the here and now.


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