drs. J.N.T. (Nynke) Hovinga

With a background in Business Administration I have worked as a marketer and project manager. After this I took on various positions at the government close to the board. In addition to this I became a coach, trainer and process supervisor. The latter roles turned out to be what I really thrived in. I now help other people in discovering what truly suits them.
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“If you do what suits you, you are of value to the world” (Daniël Lohues). I believe we all have our unique talents and can contribute something. Something you are good at and which makes you shine. I gladly guide you in discovering what that is to you, what you want and/or how to approach it. It all starts with who you are and what you are capable of.

I do so by establishing a deep connection from person to person, by being engaged, empathetic and enthusiastic. In this process, I go in-depth and give you practical tips. Change can be good, but can also bring about loss or uncertainty, this I know from personal experience. I ensure to pay attention to this.

I do not work from just one method but utilize various methodologies which best fit the individual I work with, I do what is necessary. This gives direction, confidence and therefore more energy.

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