drs. M. (Michel) Wysmans

Meaning, international, out-of-the-box, change processes, contextual, resistance, pioneering, growth. In my role as career counselor I gladly work with people looking for a new challenge outside of their comfort zone. Questions about meaning and thinking out-of-the-box are my strengths. Furthermore, I have helped many clients establish themselves as a self-employed professional. My experiences have taught me: “where there is a will, there is a way (around).”
Michel Wysmans

I am a sociologist and manager with hands-on experience across many industries: international trade in Africa and the Middle-East, the world of higher education and medical research. Later, I became involved with innovation and change processes in healthcare organizations, for instance palliative care in hospitals and multi-disciplinary collaborations in medical teams. As a result, I have experience with professional issues within a wide range of company cultures, which in my capacity of coach comes in handy. I am fond of working with expats.

It is fascinating to see what happens when clients start to live, and work based on their talents and thus can offer a valued contribution to society.

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