drs. J.C. (Mark) Jacobs

Career coach, connecter, listening, letting feelings do the talking, culture consultant. As a Human Resources professional, I have spearheaded complex international change processes. I am passionate about shaping company cultures where trust, meaning and autonomy are leading factors. Exploring together which values are important and creating the conditions necessary to make employees feel “at home.”
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As a career coach at Van Ede & Partners, I am committed to identifying a new path for clients who no longer feel at home in their role or organization. I gladly use my years of experience in international organizations to support others while also offering them access to my network. My strength lies in being able to establish a connection quickly and listening carefully to reach to the core. Trust your instincts and intuition. What are your personal values ​​and motivators and how do you discover what to do? What drives me is the energy that is released at the moment you know and feel where you want to go!

In recent years I have deepened my knowledge by attending the MMS coach training to become a certified ICF coach and the Barrett Values ​​Center Practitioner training.

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