drs. M. (Marc) Smeulers

Investigating. Bringing structure. Entrepreneurial. Content first, then form. Reflective advisor. Fan-bearer. Helping to make choices. After studying law at the University of Leiden (RUL) and Montreal (McGill) I worked for 14 years as an HR Director at Pakhoed, Perscombinatie and Amro Bank. After this, for 15 years I was the co-owner and Statutory Director of the career advice and start-up agency BCR and I was on the board of a trade association. Since 2000 I am associated with Van Ede & Partners as a coach and project manager.
Marc Smeulders

I operate from the view that people only get the space to reinvent themselves when they can get rid of old patterns, judgements and the feeling of being trapped in their current role. Then there only needs to be energy and ingenuity to transform their “invention” into success. My motives to coach people and teams stem from my own journey as an unassuming youngster into a protective family to then morph into an entrepreneur running several ventures. The act of creation can be found within yourself. I specialize in people and paid work. I have worked and still work in the world of trade, industry, publishers, banking, the start-up sector, educational institutions, art, advise and mediation and social impact financing.

I primarily work for the offices in Enschede and Zwolle, but as a project manager in Guidance of former political office-bearers, I also work sporadically across the other Van Ede & Partners offices.

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