K.M. (Kaveh) Pour

I am a driven manager and coach with a great passion for entrepreneurship. Over 14 years of experience in talent development, higher education and entrepreneurship have brought me a lot. Inspired by my Persian background and professional work experience I have developed a leadership style in which I manage to bridge differences, that enables me to connect people and organizations with one another.
Kaveh Pour

Together with (top) directors, I have established successful partnership programs within the business community, including the areas of ​​CSR and Diversity. Partly because of this, I have become fascinated by people who manage to inspire sustainable change within organizations. I am currently applying this knowledge and experience to the CSR partnerships at Van Ede & Partners. I have a background in Agricultural Engineering, Human Resource Management and Business School in Management, Organization and Change.

My strength as a coach lies in guiding people from the mind and the heart to facilitate a confidential dialogue. In doing so, I focus on discovering specific and unique talents and motivators of people, how to showcase them and subsequently excel in them.

To put people in a position of strength based on diversity is my mission. Every human being is unique and offers their own, personal contribution. It is this diversity that allows people, teams and organizations to function more strongly and more effectively. To paraphrase Carry van Bruggen: “There is no being aside from being different.”



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