drs. J.W. (Jorrit) de Jong

After 30 years of administrative, supervisory, and managerial advisory roles I now utilize my experiences and expertise to add value to people’s personal growth. Additionally, my education in Psychology and Business Administration are the foundation for inspiration and motivation in the instances you lose sight of the path you have embarked on.
Jorrit de Jong

“Choose the path in life that fits you” is my advice. My passion is to connect within the human dimension the 'in the now and in the future' points of view and with that clear out any bottlenecks. I can help you not get blinded by resentment and utilize your talents with an open-mind so that you, can literally 'clean up' and continue your journey. We are going to make your strengths even stronger and teach you that your weak points might be someone else's strengths so that you do not have to waste any energy on that.

My motto became “everyone is entitled to their own learning curve.” In the end what it comes down to is that you can learn from both positive and negative experiences.

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