mr. H.J.M. (Huib) Bartels

Open, Sense of humor, Conflict management, Take and keep direction, Relativate, Experienced practitioner, Just do it My goal is to have my clients, from a position of inner-strength, accomplish personal growth, balance and job satisfaction. Regaining direction and keeping this is the starting point. Because of my curious attitude I can quickly grasp complex subject matters. I can also be quite confrontational. A sense of humor to me is an important tool in openly discussing issues.
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In addition to my work for Van Ede & Partners I also work as a recruiter of non-executives (supervisors and supervisory directors) at the National Registry. This experience is highly valuable for my work as a coach. In addition, I have experience and an extensive network in the non-profit sector.

I started my career as a lawyer. After that I worked in the insurance industry and the service sector (National Railways) as line manager and director. I now understand how the dots connect and how to thread carefully – and have gained this understanding from experience. I am skilled in conflict management. And I look to identify win-win situations for my clients.    

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