H.J.M (Henk) Reimert

I get energized by exploring together with people what moves and motivates them; in order to allow them to undertake a beautiful journey. Taking concrete actions as well as playfully discovering what life has to offer are a part of this along the way. I happily travel along with you for a while.
Henk Reimert

In addition to my work at Van Ede & Partners, I work as an organizational consultant, executive searcher, and advocate. As a supervisor, I am affiliated with various organizations in the public domain. I have never lost my love for working in the trenches and I have never lost sight of what truly matters in life.

I developed my fascination for working with people when I guided young people dealing with major struggles in life. I discovered that the insights I gained were also valuable for helping professionals (in crisis). This has made all the difference in the various positions that I have held at management and board level.


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