drs H.W. (Hanke) Geertsema

Search process, find the right language, curious, warm, clear. I have 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist and have been coaching groups and individuals for 10 years. I take a curious, attentive and clear look at someone's emotional world. Finding the right words for what is going on is my strength.
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During the psychological conversations at Van Ede & Partners, I focus on three questions: where do you come from, where do you stand now and where do you want to go? Together we investigate (with a sense of humor) what experiences, thoughts and feelings you have accumulated. We can look at your family tree and see which position(s) you have taken there. Which messages, responsibilities and assignments are you carrying with you from the past? How does this affect your functioning in an organization and in your work? Does your emotional world connect sufficiently with where you want to go?

Our search process provides a new language and fresh insights and with that a clear focus on the future.

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