F.M.P. (Frits) ’t Hart

I have acquired the qualities necessary to effectively function as career coach when I was a navy officer, a job in which leadership, understanding of people, empathy and teambuilding are essential. I have subsequently developed my comprehensive national and international network by working at TNO, BMC, SeaDarq and Westmark. Directorial activities got me in touch with the healthcare industry (SZVK and Zorgzaam) and the cultural sector (Fort Pannerden). Diving, tennis, golf and bridge are my main interests outside of work.
Frits 't Hart

Since late 2006 I have been associated with Van Ede & Partners as a coach. Aided by plenty of knowledge, expertise and experience I step on board as a 'pilot' to identify the route leading to your destination with you. As a 'captain' you remain responsible for your own sailing course, but I make sure that you do not run aground, and I help you wherever necessary. Sometimes a little bit more pace is required, while other times it pays off to slow things down. With the destination in sight, I disembark, and I wish you a safe journey.

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