mr. F.E.W. (Frederike) van Lowijde

After graduating in fiscal law, I worked for years in financial services, including as a tax advisor at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Director of Business Development at an English asset management firm. I have become an all-round project manager. In addition to these activities, which I now do as a self-employed professional, I have developed myself into a coach. Taking that passion, I now guide people in their professional development.
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In counseling people, I utilize my corporate experience, but primarily tap my analytical capabilities and intuition to boil things down to their essence. I experience life’s bumps in the road as opportunities for growth, both personally and career-wise. What is important is to tackle these challenges with confidence; having faith in your feelings and your talents and capabilities. Through my sense of humor, involvement, empathy and clear, creative communication I help people reach their base. From this position I observe situations together with my clients, which allows us to move forward.

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