drs. F.H. (Frans) van Weeren MBA

In addition to being a coach, I work as an independent facilitator/consultant. The latter mainly concerns transitional processes in companies, in which my guidance in personal development and team development is the most important component. The similarity between these two roles is primarily in encouraging professionals to use the challenges they face as an opportunity to grow.
Frans van Weeren

My diverse background and coaching experience offer the client the opportunity to adopt a broad view and explore together. I focus on identifying my clients’ existing strengths and figuring out where in society these fit. I invite you to explore new areas with yourself. From these unexpected sources, inspiration can be found to identify the way toward achieving results: people perceive me as a pragmatic 'deep soul diver' who is looking to offer realistic results for his clients. I like to use my knowledge of business administration, coaching and energetic way of working to take a new direction, if you’re looking for this.

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