drs. F.H.M. (Frank) Zuidinga

Developing people and organizations, this is the common thread in my professional life. Movement, connection and entrepreneurship are my keywords . From an exploratory, playful and at times challenging style of coaching, I work together with my clients to get to tangible action points and results.
Frank Zuidinga

I am a historian and work as a coach at Van Ede & Partners. Before that, I worked as a Program Director for Executive MBA programs at TSM Business School at the University of Twente. I have years of experience in compiling company training programs and coaching managers and professionals. As an entrepreneur, my company Blik-Opener is what makes me tick. I get energy from creating and implementing new workshops and training programs. My most current and important themes are intergenerational learning and increasing work output. I inspire people to take responsibility for their own lives and challenge them to fully express the personal qualities they possess.

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