drs D.J.M. (Dominique) Campman

Attention and Being Involved; Playing with Talents; Self-Awareness, Higher Education; Change Manager; Enneagram; Psychosynthesis By exploring together where there is tension between “what you are doing” versus “what you want,” you get a deeper insight into yourself and you will see where your true potential lies. What does this bring? A conscious choice of your next step!
Dominique Campman

“You ought to be thinking with your heart, because when you think with your head, you will get confused.”

As a change manager, I supervise programs and projects particularly within higher education . Over the past 16 years I have gained a lot of experience at various universities in several roles, varying from ICT manager and Director of Operations to CIO.

As a coach I got trained in Psychosynthesis (bachelor), I am a certified Talent coach and I have followed courses in Enneagram.

In addition to career counseling, I also play the Talent Game with clients. A wonderful methodology to gain insight into your talents and understand how they relate to each other and your mission.

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