A.J.M. (Annemarie) Resink

Connector, analytically intuitive, culture changer, bold, with heart & soul, creative, sense of humor My roots are planted in culture. That is where I experienced how unique every individual is and that everyone can make a difference in their own way. Through connection, with a focus on realization, I try – together – to make a difference.
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My entrepreneurial DNA ensures I approach situations in a unique fashion. It is fascinating to let people discover to what extent they can make a difference, where their contribution lies and that as a human being you can always generate motion. We are unique and by giving space to creativity it shows that no problem is too complicated, change can turn out to be fun and undertaking the journey can be as satisfying as reaching the goal. I prefer to do things with care and attention, through connection and with a sense of humor, guided by curiosity and a strong belief in the power of unity. I would like to offer the stage to you.



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