Van Ede & Partners Zeist is a thriving office situated in a beautiful building with a coach house (for the workshops) and a big garden. The office is centrally located and is easily accessible by car or public transport. A dedicated team of 10 coaches and psychologists guide over 140 clients yearly to their next career destination. Aside from individual support and the supplementary workshops, we organize plenty of activities for both clients and non-clients. At our Zeist office we offer, among other things, outplacement and career counseling. We carefully design our programs according to our clients’ individual desires.

Van Ede & Partners Zeist

Boulevard 14

3707 BN Zeist

T. 030 693 24 46




  • drs. J.P.A. (Hans) Boer drs. J.P.A. (Hans) Boer

Consultants & psychologists

  • drs. J.P.A. (Hans) Boer drs. J.P.A. (Hans) Boer
  • mr. J.W. (Jan Willem) Dijckmeester mr. J.W. (Jan Willem) Dijckmeester
  • M. (Michel) Hensen MM M. (Michel) Hensen MM
  • drs. V.M. (Victorine) Koningsberger drs. V.M. (Victorine) Koningsberger
  • H. (Hans) Mellink mcm H. (Hans) Mellink mcm
  • drs. A.J. (Anjo) Middel drs. A.J. (Anjo) Middel
  • R. (Roel) Monnik R. (Roel) Monnik
  • drs. J. (Marjorie) Pennings drs. J. (Marjorie) Pennings

Office management

  • Judith Beekhuis Judith Beekhuis
  • W.A.A. (Peggy) Thijs W.A.A. (Peggy) Thijs


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